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Three Phase Generator

Three Phase Generator
Three Phase Generator
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Product Code : 06
Brand Name : CD1000
Product Description
Three Phase Generator is widely used in large industries where high power generation is need to run heavy machines and motors. It can act as single phase & three phase generator which can efficiently run high instrument and different separate lines. Three Phase Diesel Generator is made with utmost precision by our trained engineers as per with predefined industry standards, to make sure its high quality performance & long lasting operational life.

Application scope: textile machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, washing machines, air conditioning machinery and other general machinery
Input/output characteristics
  • Input voltage range: three-phase 380V+15%
  • Input frequency range: 50/60Hz + 5%
  • Output voltage range: 0 ~ rated input voltage
  • Input frequency range: 0.00 ~ 600Hz
Peripheral interface characteristics
  • Programmable digital input: 4 line input
  • Programmable analog input: 1 line,  0 ~ 10V input or 0 ~ 20mA optional input
  • Proportional valves analogue special input channel: 2 line
  • Open sets motor output: 1 line output
  • Relay output: 1 line output
  • Analog output: 1 line output, 0 ~ 10V  or 0 ~ 20mA optional output
  • Standard 485 interface: 1 line
Technical performance characteristics
  • Control mode: linear V/F control, square V/F control, multipoint V/F control, vector control
  • Overload ability: 1 minute, 150% rated current, 200% rated current 3 seconds
  • Start torque: 150% /.5 Hz
  • Speed ratio: 1:100
  • Output frequency accuracy+0.5% rated synchronous speed
  • Carrier frequency: 1.0 K ~ 16.0 KHz
  • Torque lifting: 0 ~ 30%
Function characteristics
  • Double flow pressure signal free combination setting
  • 4 Section pressure signals free setting
  • AVR Function: when the voltage changes, it can automatically keep output voltage constant
  • Automatic Current limiting: It can be restrict automatically current during running to prevent the frequency over-current
  • Multiple protection: over current, over voltage and under pressure,  over heating, over phase, over load protection,etc
  • Can communicate and control via RS485 interface